Saturday, May 31, 2014

Don't be afraid to inspire someone

Today's blog talk is about...Yup you guessed it. Inspiration. Everyone has something or someone that inspires them. I have a lot of things that inspire me, but mostly what inspired me to write was author R.L. Stine and my sister, Torie James. 

Since purrsuing my writing to be published (yes it's going to be one book, but still...) A friend told me I inspire her and that gave me a happy. She was the first person who ever said that to me and she doesn't write, she draws, but still she is an artist and I am an artist. She still has no idea how happy that makes me. Even when she still says it.

Then recently from announcing my contract signing with Sybaritic Press and announcing it just about everywhere, someone friended me and told me that I inspire him and that made me happy. Truly it did. I've never inspired people till now. That means as an author I'm doing my job right.

True I may not write like other people, because I touch on touchy subjects and some people happen to not like that. I enjoy writing Yaoi (Boys Love, etc...) not many like that, but I write to tell stories and out there others are going to be inspired and achieve their dreams, because they see that I wrote something that some don't like. I want to help inspire and if I can inspire others then my job is done. 

Okay, not done for good. Why? Because I still have more stories to tell and hopefully more people to inspire. :)