About Perci

 Perci was born with disabilities, she has struggled through life with the support of her family and friends. Growing more confident in herself over the years, she wanted to inspire others with disabilities. About eight years ago, she was diagnosed with Panic Disorder with some Agoraphobia on the side, which has been tough. She’s started spreading awareness of disabilities, mental health and asexuality. Her creativeness sparks inspiration into others. She is the Duchess of Dreamers, Thieves and Demons alike.

Come join Perci as she shares stories of acceptance, love, friendship, rainbows and cats into your world. Welcome to the endless possibilities with the Duchess.

Genres- New Adult, Romance, Adult Paranormal, Romance Suspense, Male/Male, Female/Female & Male/Female, Erotic/Erotica, Erotic Romance.


~Perci Brooks: The Percinator. Perci is someone whose drive and passion inspire me daily. She writes in a most elusive field that borders on BDSM, Paranormal, and Manga-esque. It's a huge challenge I'm not sure I could rise to as its way off mainstream and she takes a lot free spirited risks, refusing to "neuter" her charries or ideas. I love rebels!~Torie James~

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