The Thief Series

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Thief of Hearts: (Book 1)

4th place in Best Other Short Story in the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll 2015.

Genres: Sweet Romance, Fiction, Gay, Love, Contemporary


On the surface, Jules Hanover leads a privileged life being a member of the town's most prestigious family. Young, handsome and genteel, he runs his own successful party planning business and appears to be the type of son any parent would be proud of.


Underneath the glamour and illusion, the Hanover family is anything but the united front they project and Jules is desperate to get away from the charade that's forcing him to endure a secret hell.

With the help of his best friend and a pair of heartbroken ghosts, Jules races to find the truth about an ancient scandal, an unsolved murder and himself. But will the answers he seeks give him the strength he needs or will he become just another skeleton in the family closet?

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Thief of Lies: (Book 2)

Genres: Gay, Fiction, Holiday, Ghost story, Romance


Months have passed since Jules Hanover began a new life with a new love, the enigmatic Crespin. Doing his best to detach from parents who care more about public image than their own offspring, shy and sweet Jules starts believing that his future will be full of life, love, magic and success.

Then his grandfather's death stirs up a new hornets nest of bitter betrayal, shocking scandal and secrets that will change the entire course of the Hanover Family forever.

Can Jules learn to let go of all that haunts and hurts him or will he lose the man he loves when the voices of the past and murderous hatred rear their ugly heads for a final confrontation that will free one soul and destroy another?

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Book 3 Coming Soon:

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