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Every author has a cause that means a lot to them and I am no different. I have a huge cause and you can help. I'm a Kitty Commando, an advocate of Joe The Cat. His story touched me to the point of crying.

Earlier this year in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, Joe the Cat was shot in the head with a pellet gun 17 times and a good Samaritan found him on the side of the road coming home home. 16 of the pellets were removed, but one pellet remains in his skull.  

I have signed the petition to help make that happen. They need 50,000 signatures. So please help an animal. We are their voice. Joe is currently with a foster family and he's doing great. He's getting tons of love and kitty treats. You can see his pawgress in this video Joe The Cat's journey this far

I also cross stitch in my spare time and I work on making "Stop Animal Abuse" and such bookmarks for donations to help Joe The Cat. I am very passionate about cats. I love cats.

Sign the Petition Here

Joe The Cat's Facebook Page

Joe The Cat's Website

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