Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stop Animal Abuse

Every author has something they're passionate about and I am no different. I am no different. All animals deserve to have loving homes and furparents to give them loves, treats, toys and a lap. Like people, animals have equal rights and us as hoomans must protect them. A lot of us are Furparents to whatever kind of animal we have.

I am a furparent to 4 cats (and we have 2 dogs) and I adore my cats and the dogs. I would protect them from harm. They're my babies. I spoil them like a parent would spoil their own child.

So please if you see an animal in need, please help them. I have many dreams and I've already accomplished one of them and that's becoming an author. My other dream is to one day have my own no kill shelter and I would save animals from shelters before they are put down.

If you can go to a shelter to adopt an adult animal and a baby animal. All sorts of animals need love no matter what and if you see an animal being abused before you, please take that animal away or call someone. Thank you.

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