Saturday, October 1, 2016

My NaNoWrIMo Novel

~My NaNoWriMo

Title: Alix In Wonderland
By: Perci T. Brooks
Genres: LGBT+, Gay Romance
NaNoWriMo Name: SubmissiveLoyalty


An infant kidnapped. A life of lies.

Alix Gately led a sheltered life, beloved by his family. A family he thought would always have his back. Always ended a lot sooner than he thought on the day he revealed he was gay and ended up homeless when they kick him out.

His enigmatic uncle, Hatterson Merveilleux, takes him and puts his feet on an entirely different path. Working in his uncle's sex shop, Alix begins to discover hidden truths about himself, his family and the world around him.

When a ruthless enemy sets him in her sights, Alix realizes he can't go back and the path ahead is riddled with danger, desire and an unknown destiny that both beckons and betrays him.

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